Mission Statement


S.F.X. Greenherald International School is a Catholic Educational Institute, run by the RNDM (Religieuse de Notre Dame des Missions) Sisters, internationally also known as Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (OLM) Sisters.
Its primary aim is to form the students for life – providing opportunities for the young to develop as total human persons.
The school aims to enable the young to acquire an integrated intellectual, moral and spiritual formation which should deepen their understanding and lead the students beyond racial, social, cultural and religious boundaries while inculcating in them a genuine sense of responsibility and respect for creation and the environment to save the air, the earth, the rivers and the seas for their own selves, for their children where all can find a home in a more friendly condition and live life to the full.
S.F.X. Greenherald is Catholic in both tradition and spirit. It acknowledges the God given dignity of every human person.
As a Catholic school it welcomes students of all creeds and traditions and values unity in diversity.
Greenherald advocates a liberal education, characterized by its breadth and depth. It offers opportunities for individual and common reflection, providing training in such essential human skills as analysis, debates, communication, sports and the development of the aesthetic dimension of human nature (through arts, music, dance), the power to imagine, to intuit, to create and to appreciate. In its fullest sense Greenherald education initiates students at a mature level into their culture, its past, its present and its future.
Greenherald recognizes that learning is a life-long process and sees the education which it provides as the foundation upon which its students may continue to build within their chosen areas of scholarly study or professional development. It also seeks to foster in its students a continuing intellectual curiosity and a desire for self-education which will extend to the broad range of areas to which they have been introduced in their studies.
Greenherald values each of its students as an individual with unique abilities and potentials and it respects the personal and academic freedom of all its members. At the same time it seeks to develop a greater sense of community within itself, a sense that all of its members belong to and are involved in the school, sharing common goals and a common commitment to truth, justice, peace and unity and manifesting in their lives common concern for other and respect for creation which is the obligation of all educated mature human beings.
In the words of Euphrasie Barbier our Foundress on education is to form the hearts and minds of our dear pupils in such a way that when they leave us and go into the world, they must become Valiant Women/Men, for the world.